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Group Therapy for Teens

Teen Counseling Group Group therapy is a type of counseling that connects people who have something in common to talk about that common situation/issue. Research shows that group therapy can be effective for many reasons including: Increased feedback (from therapist and other group members), modeling (by therapist and other group members), less expensive than traditional therapy, and it can improve social skills of group members. It is common for teens to feel hesitant and resistant to the idea of group therapy, but we have found that teens tend to like group once they are used to attending.

Current Groups

We have a Teen DBT Skills Group, a LGBTQ Teen Group,  a Teen Anxiety Group, a Teen Meditation Group and an Empowerment for Girls Group that take place year round, which means we are always filling our next group. The Teen DBT Skills group and Teen Anxiety groups require an intake session before beginning the group. Please call or email today to arrange an intake (must be completed before start date of next group). Please call or email to register for the Teen Meditation group or to arrange a phone screening for Girls Empowerment group.

How To Register for Group Therapy

If you are not a current client at Sentier Psychotherapy, you will need to schedule a Group Intake (for all groups other than Teen Meditation). An Intake is a 30 minute session with a therapist who will ask you a few questions to determine if you are an appropriate fit for the group in which you are interested. Please call or email Megan to get this arranged.

If you are a current client at Sentier Psychotherapy, talk with your therapist about your interest in a group that is being offered. You and your therapist can talk about whether or not the group will be helpful to you in your current situation.

Common Questions About Group Therapy

Will my insurance cover group therapy?

It is likely that your insurance provider will cover some of the expense. Sentier Psychotherapy provides out-of-network services with all major insurance providers. Please see list of out-of-network insurance questions. Your therapist can work with you on this during your Group Intake.

Will other group members tell outside people what I talked about in group sessions?

Your therapist takes confidentiality seriously. Every group member is required to sign an agreement to keep conversations from group time private. Group members are not to share names of others in the group or content from group discussion with people outside of the group. These rules are in place in order to create a safe environment in which people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences.