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About Us:

Meditation groupSentier Psychotherapy is a clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota that is committed to strengthening individuals and communities through counseling, therapy, advocacy, education, integrative services, and community events. A core value for therapists at Sentier is inclusivity and respect for individual and collective cultural experience. We believe:

  • All human beings have an innate need to belong in community with others.
  • Family is our most intimate community and can be formed by biology, intentionality, and/or a legal agreement.
  • Family and culturally-based community relationships are the most significant contributors to identity formation.
  • Strong mental health results from safe and healthy family and community support.
  • Nurturing an individual’s biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual health heals families, communities, and ultimately, society.  
  • Collective mental health is good for everyone.

What is ‘Sentier’?

First of all, we pronounce ‘Sentier’ like this: Sent-eer. Sentier is a French noun that means pathway: a route to, or way of access to. We think of therapy as a journey along a pathway. In therapy you invite a trained helper to join you on your path to deeper understanding, personal or relational growth, resolution, and healing.

Our Office