Suicide Loss Bereavement Support Group


This group is open to adult survivors of suicide loss who are age 25 years and older. The loss of a loved one needs to have taken place 6+ months prior to joining the group.


The grief of losing a loved one to suicide creates intense feelings that are often hard to describe to someone that has not experienced a suicide loss. There is often more shock, a greater sense of injustice, guilt, and blame, and a heightened sense of helplessness for people who lose a person to suicide. All of these factors can complicate the healing process for survivors. Peer support can be a critical component for many in navigating this journey to healing.


This group will meet for 10 sessions occurring every other Saturday from 9:00 – 10:30 am from 10/12/2024 – 2/15/2025.


This group meets in person at Sentier Psychotherapy
670 Cleveland Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116


The purpose of this group is to provide a space for survivors of suicide loss to connect with other survivors of this specific type of loss. Survivors will receive guidance and support from a therapist in navigating and processing their grief.


To inquire about this group, please email [email protected].


Group cost is $50 for the required screening and per group session. Sliding fee available, inquire with therapist as needed. Superbills are provided for all group members and are particularly helpful for those who would like to submit to HSA, flex accounts, or insurance providers for out-of-network reimbursement. Therapist may be able to submit out-of-network insurance claims if requested following payment.

Future GroupsDates

Winter, 2025

Every other week starting Saturday March 15, 2025

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