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Parent Consultation

Sentier Psychotherapy Parentingoffers a useful alternative to therapy for parents of teenagers. Sometimes parents need guidance/support/new ideas for parenting strategies, working with the school on an academic issue, working with other parents in the community to assure that their teen is safe (among other things). Sentier Psychotherapy works with parents of adolescents/ teenagers to better understand challenges they are having while parenting.

Parents receive action-oriented practical help (resources, tools, and relevant information to redefine "problems") along with ideas and support which often bring smooth "solutions." Parent consultations focus on today rather than working on past difficulties. Some parents only need one session to resolve a problem. Others use parent consultations regularly to assist with decision-making and mediation.

This service is also used for co-parents who do not live together. Parent consultations can be used when co-parents need to work through parenting differences or to assist with decision-making in order to reach a parenting agreement.  

When do Parents use Parenting Consultations? (This list is not exhaustive): 

  • When making decisions that will greatly affect you and your teen.
  • During transitions as you move into a new role as your child matures.
  • Throughout a divorce or new marriage. 
  • During the process of co-parenting.
  • To navigate the school system so you can be a more effective parent advocate.
  • To assess and define parenting styles; how to leverage the strengths of each style to team-parent more effectively.
  • To manage TV, internet, cell phone, video games, and media influences on your teenager.
  • To address discipline challenges and peer-related issues.
  • To address suspected chemical use.
  • To better understand and nurture adolescent development.
  • To better manage school/homework battles.
  • To raise resilient teens.
  • To talk about difficult things with your teen.
  • To parent with love in mind; be a positive parent.
  • If you feel “stuck” as a parent.

Please contact Sentier Psychotherapy if you have any questions or if you would like to see if a Parenting Consultation makes sense to use in your situation. If Parenting Consultations do not make sense, Sentier Psychotherapy may be able to offer you helpful resources or steer you in the right direction.