Band Family Therapy – For Musicians of All Types

Are you going on tour soon, collaborating on a new album, or going into the studio to record? Or perhaps you’ve had some changes to membership in your group and need help finding your rhythm. Relationship dynamics are the reason most bands break up. Sarah Souder Johnson and Vaughn (Paradise) Foster are musicians themselves and they have worked with a lot of musicians to help them work together more effectively.

"Band family therapy" can focus on:

  • Communication styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Equitable distribution of tasks
  • Leadership development
  • Executive functioning skills (like time management, organization, and planning ahead)

This type of counseling is usually goal-oriented and short term. Everyone in the band is the “client” – no one person is the “problem” – and Sarah or Vaughn will tailor your sessions to your goals in order to help you all feel heard, take a look at your individual and group behaviors, and better understand one another. Our therapists will also provide practical, realistic strategies and tools for a higher level of functioning in your band.

To schedule an appointment or learn more, contact Sarah at [email protected] or Vaughn at [email protected]  

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