Meet the Therapist – Vaughn Foster Jr.

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vaughn foster minnesota counselor

Vaughn Foster (they/he) is joining the Sentier team! We asked Vaughn some questions so that you can get to know them. 

Sentier: How did you decide to become a therapist?

Vaughn: A mix of interest, personal experiences, and a desire to help people frame the stories of their lives.

S: Who do you love working with, and what excites you about working with your chosen populations?

V: I absolutely love working with people in the journey of exploring identity and who they are as a person. This also connects with my love of working with fear, anxieties, and breaking cycles in a way that relates best to the person.

S: How would you spend a free day?

V: More than likely, I would spend a free day working on video or audio editing projects, working on music, or spending time with friends– or playing video games while listening to an audio book.

vaughn foster sentier therapy minnesota

S: You’re getting takeout. What’s your meal of choice?

V: General Tso chicken & fried rice from Fresh Wok in Minneapolis

S: What is your favorite method of self care?

V: Depending on the weather, the best methods of self care have been getting caught up on comedy, biking, and allowing more time for silence and rest — even if it means I can’t do all of my hobbies in one day. 

S: What are your professional goals for the next year?

V: I am very excited for upcoming training on incorporating VR into my exposure therapy practice, as well as upcoming conferences and training within sex therapy. 

Vaughn has immediate weekend day openings for teen and adult clients. Click here to read more about Vaughn’s background and clinical experience. If you are interested in working with Vaughn, please email our Client Care Coordinator, Ellie: [email protected]


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