Kid Calm Group


Kid Calm is for kids ages 7-10 who want to learn how to calm their bodies and brains.


Kid Calm is a hands-on skills group focused on helping kids increase their ability to manage big feelings. Group members will learn ways to maintain a calmer body and mind by both learning a new coping skill, and by creating a tool for their calm kit each week. Parents will receive a parent binder that contains information about the skills learned each week. Binder also includes information about the tool created in each group session so they can help the child be successful at home. Additional purchase list will also be provided to parents to enhance the Calm Kit after group is complete.


This group will meet on Mondays from 4:00 – 5:30 pm from July 15 – August 5, 2024. 


Sentier Psychotherapy – Main Level Suite

670 Cleveland Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116


Located in the Highland Park neighborhood above Highgrove Dental, next to CorePower Yoga, and across the street from Cecil’s Deli.


When kids learn about their emotions, they can better regulate them. Groups and hands-on activities are a great way to learn! Tools are helpful in learning how to find calm.


Please email our Client Care Coordinator at [email protected] or call 763-913-8261 to schedule a group intake session (30 minutes) at least one week prior to the start date. Group intake session is required.

Group Facilitator


The Intake and each of the four sessions is $60. There is an additional $25 materials fee. Snack is provided at each group. Sliding fee is available, please inquire with therapist. Superbills are provided for all group members and are particularly helpful for those who would like to submit to HSA, flex accounts, or insurance providers for out-of-network reimbursement. Therapist may be able to submit out of network insurance claims if requested following payment.

Future Kid Calm Group Dates
Fall 2024 Dates TBD

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