Therapeutic Art: Zine Making Workshops

Therapeutic Art: Zine Making Workshops


These workshops are for anyone whose hands are itching to create something inspired by one of the following themes.


Join us for one of our artist led collage workshops and leave with a handmade mini zine (small booklet/mini magazine). Sentier will provide all materials but feel free to bring those scraps of paper and other things that you just can’t get rid of, including things that you associate with the workshop theme (see descriptions below)

These workshops will include an optional brainstorm and writing session followed by a brief demonstration of a one-page zine making technique. Snacks provided. NO ARTISTIC BACKGROUND REQUIRED! Please note, these are not facilitated by a therapist and all sessions are facilitated by an artist.


Please contact Ellie for more information [email protected]

Zine workshop for therapists

March 11, 2023 10am – 1pm
Are you a therapist/counselor? Do you want to take time to reflect on what that being in that role means to you? This workshop is designed for therapists/counselors to be in creative community and provide an outlet to turn the thoughts/emotions/challenges/joys that are a part of that role into art.

Home Stretch

March 25, 2023 10am – 1pm (Teens)
Get cozy and creative and embrace the last shivers of winter as we trek through the last stretch of the freezing cold months.


Sentier Psychotherapy
670 Cleveland Ave.
South St. Paul, MN 55116


Creating is good for the brain. Slow down and let your hands take their me to create something that captures and honors a moment as we keep moving forward and forward and forward…


$25 per workshop with sliding fee available.

Cost includes collage/zine making materials and snacks/drinks. Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Refunds will be issued with a minimum of 72 hours notice.

To register

Please email [email protected] with questions, suggestions, or to reserve a spot in one/multiple of our workshops. Each workshop has a maximum enrollment of 6 participants and minimum enrollment of 2 participants.

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