Therapeutic Gaming Nights for Adults


Therapeutic gaming nights are for adults 18+ who have an interest in playing tabletop style games to explore areas of mental health, identity, and other related topics – each game varies in topic. Prior gaming experience is not required!


Each therapeutic game night will provide an opportunity for gamers to explore a piece of their identity or personal development. These groups are led by a queer, gender diverse therapist who has several years of experience in running therapeutic games. Gamers will spend the first 2 -2.5 hours playing the game. Sensitive topics will come up in these games, so participants will spend the final 30 minutes to an hour debriefing what it was like to play and discussing questions that have come up throughout the game. Snacks will be provided.


Women Are Werewolves

March 24, 2023 from 5-8pm
This game night will be for those who identify as gender diverse (trans, nonbinary, etc.). We will be exploring the gender binary and process what it is like to be outside of that binary. We will also explore how family beliefs and tradition impact those who may not fit in. This game will require a minimum of three players to run. There will be a maximum of five players.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians

March 31, 2023 from 5-8pm
This game night is for anyone who would like to explore flirting, dating, and relationships within the queer community. We will design and fight for a society that celebrates our queerness. This game will require a minimum of three players to run. There will be a maximum of six players.


Sentier Psychotherapy; Upstairs suite


Gaming is a creative way to explore and process our identity with others. Doing so in a therapeutic setting is supportive and can help with personal development.


Contact Ellie at [email protected] to register.

Group facilitator


Therapeutic game nights cost $80 per 3-hour session. Sliding fee is available; please inquire about sliding fee availability when registering.

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