Bullying Support Group for Teens

Stand Up to Mean Girls with Sarah Souder Johnson, MEd, LPCC

At this time, some of our groups are available virtually through secure video conferencing. Other groups are suspended for the time being until we are able to meet in person again. Please see the specific group pages or contact [email protected] for more information.


Teen girls, ages 14-17


Stand Up to Mean Girls (Bullying support group)




Sentier Psychotherapy
670 Cleveland Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116
(Above Highgrove Dental; next to CorePower Yoga; across the street from Cecil’s Deli).


Covert bullying is rampant amongst teen girls including cyber bullying. Support for these girls is needed in our community.


If you have a teen who is interested in participating in this group, please email Sarah Souder-Johnson at [email protected] or call 763.913.8261 to schedule an intake session. Intake session must be completed one week prior to joining the group.


Group costs $25 per session. Insurance reimbursement receipts are automatically provided to clients in our online client portal.

Name-calling, ostracizing, spreading rumors, talking behind backs – these are all ways in which bullying takes place amongst teen girls. This bullying is rarely physical or overt, so it often goes unnoticed – except by the people experiencing it. It is mentally and emotionally painful and can have major consequences to a girl’s self-esteem and mental health. Our bullying support group is for individuals who identify as girls in high school. It will provide support and education about how to feel better and prevent the continuation or recurrence of bullying in these girls’ lives.
Future Teen Girl Bullying Groups Dates
Open to new members every six weeks starting January 2020 TBD

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