What is Theraplay?

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What is Theraplay?

You’ve heard of therapy, and maybe even play therapy, but what about Theraplay?

Sentier’s child therapists, Bridgett Brye and Lily Ferreira, answered a few questions about what Theraplay is and how it works.

What is Theraplay?

Bridgett Brye: Theraplay is a type of child and family therapy that focuses on the parent/guardian and child attachment and interactions. Theraplay aims to help enhance attachment and build the relationship through fun, structured activities that increase a child’s felt sense of safety, connection, sense of worthiness, and need to be cared for.

What is it used for?

Lily Ferreira: Theraplay is helpful for any families who want to build trust, felt safety, and connection. Traditionally, Theraplay has been used with families where there has been a rupture in the attachment relationship- whether due to foster care, adoption, separation, or parental challenges that have impacted their ability to connect with their child.

Who is a good fit for Theraplay?

LF: Theraplay is beneficial for any parent/child relationship. It may be most beneficial for adoptive families, foster families, kids who are having difficulty responding to their parents, or parents who are having difficulty relating to their kids. In my experience, all families can benefit from Theraplay!

BB: Theraplay is a good fit for anyone and everyone! We all need to feel safe, connected, worthy and cared for. Theraplay is often utilized in adoption and foster families where a disruption has occurred within the attachment. However, it has and can be used with teens, elderly populations and others to help model healthy relationships and interactions.

What do you like about it?

LF: Theraplay is interactive, playful, and easy. There is no pressure to say or do the right thing. You just need to be present. I love watching kids and their parents experience shared moments of delight.

BB: It is fun! It takes us back to our innate need for play and the happiness and giggles we get through playing with others. I get to see parents and children learn the power of being with one another, as this can be hard in the stressful day to day lives of families. I also love how it provides families with simple ways of carrying on their work within the home and for years to come.

For more information or to inquire about starting Theraplay services at Sentier, please email our Client Care Coordinator at [email protected]

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