Group Therapy for Tweens and Teens

Some groups meet in person while others take place virtually. Please contact our Client Care Coordinator at [email protected] to inquire about the status of any group.

Some of the best work that we can do as people is heal within relationship to other people. This is particularly true for adolescents and teens, who are spending more time with peers and friends as they begin to transition into young adults. Group therapy for tweens and teens is especially healing because the therapist creates a space where it is safe for young people to be vulnerable about topics that might be hard for the teens. Often these topics are not discussed in everyday life, or if the topics are discussed, it is not enough. Group therapy helps teens heal in relationship with other teens. This is ideal for social development, as well as individual, internal growth and wellbeing.

Current Adolescent/Teen Groups

Past/Future Groups

How To Register for Group Therapy

If you are not a current client at Sentier Psychotherapy, please email our Client Care Coordinator to get registered for a group: [email protected]. You may need to schedule a group screening intake. An Intake is an introductory session with a therapist who will determine if you are an appropriate fit for the group in which you are interested.

If you are a current client at Sentier Psychotherapy, talk with your therapist about your interest in a group that is being offered. You and your therapist can talk about whether or not the group will be helpful to you in your current situation.

Common Questions About Group Therapy

It is likely that your insurance provider will cover some of the expense if you have a relevant diagnosis. Sentier Psychotherapy provides out-of-network services with all major insurance providers. Please see list of out-of-network insurance questions. Your therapist can work with you on this during your Group Intake.

Your therapist takes confidentiality seriously. Every group member is required to sign an agreement to keep conversations from group time private. Group members are not to share names of others in the group or content from group discussion with people outside of the group. These rules are in place in order to create a safe environment in which people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Please check individual group pages for group dates and times. Also check our Calendar for all upcoming events at Sentier.