Teen Counseling

Sentier Psychotherapy in St Paul, Minnesota offers teen counseling with a focus on a variety of issues affecting adolescents. It can be hard to tell whether your teenager is just experiencing normal emotional growing pains or whether certain behaviors are warning signs that warrant professional help. During adolescence, young people begin to mature and shift their self-image from the perspective of a child to the perspective of a young adult. At this stage, teenagers begin to form an identity that will define them for a lifetime. This process of identity formation can be confusing, not only for parents, but also for teens.

LGBTQIA+ Counseling

All Sentier therapists, both queer identified and queer allied, specialize in and are passionate about working with LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, genderqueer, intersex, asexual, nonbinary, and more) clients. We are proud to be a hub in the Twin Cities for gender diverse kids, adolescents, adults, parents, and families and provide individual and group therapy tailored to gender expansive populations.

sentier psychotherapy
sentier psychotherapy

Therapy for Kids

Children who are experiencing sadness, depression, grief, anxiety, and other issues can often benefit from counseling. The most natural way for therapists to engage with these kids is through play, because play is the language of the child. Play is how kids best relate with others, communicate, and integrate their experiences.

Play therapy is generally scheduled one time per week, with each weekly session lasting 50 minutes in length. Parent sessions with and without the child will also be an integral part of a children’s therapy journey.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is used to help families resolve conflict, improve communication, strengthen relationships, or work through a painful family situation. Family roles may be explored in order to understand how each person’s role contributes to the conflict. Family counseling often lasts less than six months and includes family members who are involved/contribute to the situation. In general, anyone who wants to improve family relationships can benefit from family therapy.

Trauma Therapy

Traumatic events often have a prolonged effect on a person’s mental health and physical wellbeing. Eye movement and somatic or body-based therapies can be used to supplement traditional talk therapy. Some clients benefit from focused trauma treatment to target the difficult memories that may be negatively impacting their daily life. These therapies are sometimes brief and can be more effective than traditional talk therapy for addressing trauma. The goal is to help clients process the memory and heal their feelings and beliefs related to their traumatic experiences, resulting in fewer symptoms and improving functioning.

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Group Counseling

Group therapy is a type of counseling that connects people who have something in common to talk about that common situation/issue. Research shows that group therapy can be effective for many reasons including: Increased feedback (from therapist and other group members), modeling (by therapist and other group members), less expensive than traditional therapy, and it can improve social skills of group members.

Individual Therapy

You probably already know that something is bothering you if you are considering individual counseling. There is either something you no longer want in your life (like anxiety, depression, or loneliness) or something you do want (such as a new career, peace, healthy relationships) that you haven’t figured out how to get to. If this is true, and you have the desire to change it, you are ready for therapy.

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